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Private and Group Training Workshops

Now you can attend our “Just Ask” Workshops in person or online! No matter where you are in the world now, we have you covered! 

What’s next? Choose one of the programs below, fill out the inquiry form and one of our team members will reach out to you ASAP!

  • “Just Ask” Private Workshop – This private coaching program is perfect for anyone who wants to use communication tools to get more from life. Stop living your life on the default setting! No matter if you’re looking for solutions to verbal conflict, ways to improve your relationships, or to get more from everything you do (especially financially), this program is for you! You’re just 8 hours away from leading the life you were meant to lead.

  • “Just Ask” Group Workshop – This option is perfect for any group or teams. Learn how to communicate more effectively, work together to solve problems, prevent and resolve conflicts, and accomplish more in much less time by leveraging the power of communication. Imagine saving time and money while also building relationships with clients that can spark amazing new opportunities for growth. Managers, entrepreneurs, and sales teams REALLY love this program!

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Finally, you can be the hero in your own life’s story. Just think what it will be like when you have this new communications “SUPER POWER” and begin to lead a life for of confidence, and realize the opportunities all around you that you never even noticed before!

                                                               Justin E.