– VIP Coaching –

When the stakes are high, poor communication can be costly, very costly. That’s why I help business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs learn the communication skills necessary to gain trust, navigate conflict, and secure high stakes deals.

I’ve spent over 20 years studying all aspects of conflict and strategic negotiations.  I’ve worked and played in the board room and in the streets.  The unique experiences and insights my life has given me is now what I’m offering you in the tools and tactics of the Tactical Conversations program.

Just imagine delivering your message with power, precision, and passion in a way that changes the game forever. In a world of unknowns, Tactical Conversations training will give you the ability to work from a place of imperfect information and still win. It will almost feel like a superpower!

You see, every day there are opportunities that most of the world simply misses. These missed opportunities cost you Money, Time, Status, even Relationships. The good news is that we can change all that for you.

What is VIP Coaching?

It’s 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching. Just you, me, and your goals. We start by understanding your particular challenges and opportunities.  We then work though an initial strategic communications training, that can be done with a 1 day intensive event or broken up to meet your scheduling needs.  This will give you the tools and tactics to massively improve your communication! After that we chat bi-weekly, to help support your needs and keep you on track. Coaching sessions happen on the phone or in a secure video-chat room. Dial in from anywhere in the world, our scheduling is convenient and flexible. No need to get in your car.

So much can transform in just 3 months. You’re about to see what is possible when you apply 100% of yourself to your goals (maybe for the first time in your life…?).

Who is this for?

  • Those who want to help others win more at life
  • Managers who want to help their teams communicate more effectively
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a lucrative win-win opportunity
  • For anyone who simply want’s to be their personal best at negotiating


Why choose me?

I’ve been a teacher for as long as I can remember, even in grade school I was helping others. I get that form my mother, she was a High School Teacher and I always loved the way she went that extra mile for all her students. She was one of those teachers you remember and I always admired that and sought to impact others like she did. I worked in the world of tech as an engineer and manger for 18 years before I left that world to follow my passion for helping others. Professionally I’ve coached and helped others reach their dreams and destroy their fears for over 14 years as reality-based self-defense instructor and coach. Uniquely I’ve spent considerable time with my clients working through the psychological needs they had and helping them grow, gain confidence and believe in themselves again.

    I am able to invest in myself and my goals today if I feel it's a great match.I cannot invest in my business or myself right now, hopefully some day soon.I'm flat broke and have nothing to invest now or ever.