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Through my training with Justin Everman and Tactical Conversations, I landed 3 job offers in one day. I learned not only the skills needed to connect with the person on the other side of the table – putting us on the same team, but also, how to ensure the strongest deal possible was created for us both.

Many negotiations tactics have the potential to burn bridges after the deal is done. Working with Tactical Conversations means you know how to create deals that forge lasting partnerships. I would recommend it for everyone I know.

– Lauren H.

One of my facilities. They were trying to keep a patient longer than necessary, so I used a sequential set of questions to get them to tell me how stupid their argument was. I won.

– Carlos P.

This sales training was provided in a way where I feel I was able to take away not just sales tactics but great base ideas around communicating with people in general. I have a different outlook now on communication and it’s providing positive personal results. I recommend this training for anyone.

– Ben C.

I recently attended the Tactical Conversations workshop led by Justin Everman. This was one of the more beneficial events I have experienced, both professionally and personally. I learned numerous tactics that have already been executed with great success.

On a larger scale, the course helped me finally achieve some long-term career goals. I used the skills Justin taught to speak with my boss about job performance and contract negotiations. The conversation resulted in a promotion and a generous scheduling change in my favor.

The tactics I learned in the workshop have been helpful in everyday negotiations as well. For example, I recently ordered some items online. After a delay in shipping, I contacted the company and had a conversation that resulted in my shipping costs being reimbursed and a $25 gift card issued for my inconvenience.  I can’t wait to implement other tools in the future.

– Destiny W.


Thank you so much for an amazing workshop yesterday. The information you presented was invaluable. It is clear that you have put years of experience, thought and real-world facts and studies into this curriculum. So thank you.

As a teacher, I appreciated the flow of the class. I liked how you broke up the information with brain breaks as well as examples and exercises. It was very helpful in retaining the information. In addition to that, I appreciated the creativity of the presentation.

I also valued the role play section of the class, and intend to continue the conversation and work on ways I can apply these principles in my everyday life.

– April K.




The applications of these materials are nearly limitless.

If you’re looking to get more out of every deal, conversation, negotiation or purchase you make; learning the tools of Tactical Conversation will change the way you approach the world. Give us a call to discuss how!