About Us

What is a Tactical Conversation?

You have Tactical Conversations every day and might not realize it! No matter if it’s a verbal conflict in the street, a million dollar business deal in the boardroom, or just getting a discount off your phone bill, you’re having Tactical Conversations. Unfortunately, we find that most people have not been given the skills necessary to direct these conversations in a way that truly achieves their goals. With that in mind, we teach the use of a particular set of verbal and psychological tools that, when used properly, will almost seem like a super power and produce win-win results for everyone involved.

Negotiations Multi-Tool

  • Using questions to solve problems
  • What standards are and why they are amazing tools
  • Rapport building secrets
  • How and what to ask, in the right way, at the right time
  • Managing fear and building confidence

Implement Strategy

  • How SWAT teams are taught to control stress
  • Knowing our limits and limitations
  • Revealing the unknowns
  • Mindset and perceptions
  • much, much more.

The correct tools are essential in getting the job done right, but we don’t stop there. Once we understand how the other person in the room is thinking, Tactical Conversations dives deep into the understanding of strategy, what it really is, and how it can be used to guide your actions and decisions.

The development of Tactical Conversations

This program is the result of the development work by a mastermind of individuals. When you bring together a highly successful and affluent businessman, a hostage negotiator and psychologist, a reality-based self-defense expert, a natural-movement fitness coach, and a designer/artist – something special happens, something with unique and powerful results.